camel-cindy sweatshirt-front view 1
camel-cindy sweatshirt-front hood view 2
camel-cindy sweatshirt-side hood view 3
camel-cindy sweatshirt-back view 4
camel-cindy sweatshirt-side hood down view 5
camel-cindy sweatshirt-full body view 6
black-cindy sweatshirt-front hand in pocket view 7
black-cindy sweatshirt-front view 8
black-cindy sweatshirt-side view 9
black-cindy sweatshirt-back hood view 10
black-cindy sweatshirt-back view 11
black-cindy sweatshirt-full body view 12

Cindy Sweatshirt

$425.00 $255.00

Cindy Sweatshirt

$425.00 $255.00
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  • Camel
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  • Description

    The Cindy sweatshirt features a detachable knit neck warmer with hood.


    • self-100% cotton
    • combo-100% merino wool
    • style #AW21-078
    • model is 5'10'' and wearing a size S
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