Fall '23 Campaign & Inspiration

For Fall 2023, we blend our signature handcraft with the art of tailoring.

This season’s hero pieces represent a sartorial evolution as we take a step

towards a new era of polished bohemia.

Threadwork is used to reimagine wardrobe classics with a nod to the

androgynous attitude of 90s streetwear and tailoring, from track

pants lined with a crochet side panel, dark denim jeans with cut-out

detailing and a tweed skirt with lace slit and a fringed maxi dress.

As we gravitate towards minimalist thinking through fresh monochromes

and structured silhouettes, color is gently weaved into the collection.

Dresses are stitched with bold Indian embroidery and saturated in rich

earthy tones, lest forgetting rich abstract patterns that permeate our

signature quilted coat. This season, we also surprise with a leather

bomber jacket.

Handcraft remains a Sea calling card, this time with a sultry edge. Our

focus on the body continues through narrow silhouettes that skim the

body, detailed with exposed seams, open crochet and delicate ruffle

trims. Revealing crescents of bare skin, we celebrate the natural shape

of the body.

Familiar and romantic, billowing sleeves - in the form of dresses,

tailored coats and sweaters - complete the collection through an

experimental mix of fabrics. A tempting invitation to mix and match

in everyday dressing.

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